2013 Supplemental Draft

By MLL Communications |  12/11/12 1:00 PM

2013 Supplemental Draft

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Pick Team Player Position
1 Rochester (from Ohio) Mark Millon Attack
2 Hamilton Kevin Cunningham Midfield
3 Charlotte Tim Desko Attack
4 Ohio (from Rochester) Jeff Ledwick Midfield
5 Long Island Kevin Ridgway Defense
6 Boston Christopher Mattes Midfield/FO
7 Denver Charlie Cipriano Goalie
8 Hamilton (from Chesapeake) Evan Kirk Goalie
9 Rochester (from Ohio) Dan Cocchi Defense
10 Hamilton Sam DeVore Defense
11 Charlotte Tim Fallon Midfield/FO
12 Rochester Thomas Wood Attack
13 Rochester (from Long Island) Pat Dutton Midfield
14 Boston Tom Celentani Defense
15 Denver Tom Compitello Attack
16 Chesapeake Grant Kaleikau Attack
17 Ohio Art Kell Attack
18 Hamilton Alex Demopolous Attack
19 Ohio (from Charlotte) Diogo Godoi Defense
20 Rochester Kyle Buchanan Midfield
21 Long Island Andrew Hennessey Midfield/FO
22 Boston Mike Gabel Goalie
23 Denver James Dailey Attack
24 Chesapeake Brett Manney Midfield
25 Ohio Tim Kaiser Defense
26 Hamilton John Cunningham Midfield
27 Charlotte Nick O'Hara Defense
28 Rochester Bryan Neufeld Attack
29 Ohio (from Long Island) Tim McCormack Goalie
30 Boston Ryan Nizolek Defense
31 Ohio (from Denver) J J Miller Midfield/FO
32 Chesapeake Casey Powell Attack
33 Denver (from Ohio) Ethan Vedder Midfield
34 Hamilton Matt Messina Midfield
35 Chesapeake (from Charlotte) Mark Staines Defense
36 Chesapeake (from Rochester) Jamie Lincoln Midfield
37 Long Island Matt Cannone Attack
38 Boston Scott LaRue Midfield
39 Chesapeake (from Denver) Bruce Bickford Goalie
40 Boston (from Chesapeake) J J Gilbane Midfield
41 Ohio Scott Perri Attack
42 Hamilton Al Kohart Midfield
43 Denver (from Charlotte) Adam Jones Midfield
44 Boston (from Rochester) Martin Bowes Midfield
45 Long Island Justin Smith Midfield
46 Boston Jeff Brown Defense
47 Chesapeake (from Denver) Tony Mendes Attack
48 Chesapeake Dan Hardy Midfield
49 Ohio Rob Fortunato Goalie
50 Hamilton Rhys Duch Midfield
51 Charlotte Carter Bender Midfield
52 Rochester Jordan Levine Midfield
53 Long Island Parker McKee Defense
54 Boston Jeff Cohen Attack
55 Long Island (from Denver) Matt Bernier Defense
56 Chesapeake Chris Schiller Midfield
57 Chesapeake (from Ohio) Joe Marra Goalie
58 Hamilton Brice Queener Midfield
59 Charlotte Matt Madalon Goalie
60 Rochester Jason LaShomb Goalie
61 Long Island Chris Langton Midfield
62 Boston Craig Bunker FO/Midfield
63 Denver Tom Guadagnolo Defense
64 Chesapeake Neil Hicks Attack
65 Ohio Anthony Toresco FO
66 Hamilton Devan Spilker Attack
67 Charlotte Kyle Moeller Defense
68 Rochester Jake Deane Defense
69 Long Island Joey Kemp Goalie
70 Boston Patrick Gaffney Defense
71 Denver Dan Deckelbaum Midfield
72 Chesapeake Zach Angel Midfield
73 Ohio Will Harrington Midfield
74 Hamilton Brian Caufield Attack
75 Charlotte Shayne Jackson Attack
76 Rochester Jacob Ziegler Defense
77 Long Island Doug Shanahan Midfield
78 Boston Tim Langmaid Defense
79 Denver Mikey Thompson Midfield
80 Chesapeake Josh Sims Midfield
81 Ohio Andrew Stimmel Midfield
82 Hamilton Solomon Bliss Defense
83 Charlotte Matt Lalli Midfield
84 Rochester Angus Dineley Goalie
85 Long Island Joe Yevoli Attack
86 Boston Frank Tufano Defense
87 Denver Steve Schoeffel Midfield
88 Chesapeake J P Dalton Midfield/FO
89 Ohio Audi Glass Defense
90 Hamilton Peter Vlahakis Midfield
91 Charlotte Sean Aaron Goalie
92 Rochester Paul Richards Midfield
93 Long Island David Hild Attack
94 Boston Eric Hagarty Goalie
95 Denver Ken Clausen Defense
96 Chesapeake Chris Hunt Midfield

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