12/19/11 12:00 AM


(Hamilton, December 19)… Brodie Merrill ended his sixth straight season as the Major League Lacrosse Defensive Player of the Year. The veteran also advanced to his fourth MLL Championship Weekend. The Orangeville, Ontario, native recapped the 2011 season and talked about the envy he has for teammate Jordan Hall.

1.) Now that the season has been over for a couple of months, what were you thoughts about last season? The season ended so abruptly. We really had a good feeling headed into championship weekend and it took some time to get over the loss. That said it is excited to think about this team back together next year.
2.) What was so memorable about 2011? It was the group of guys. We seemed to get together really well. There were a lot of characters and a lot of character. It was a fun group to be around.
3.) How did Regy Thorpe and Gary Gait change the direction of the team this season? Brought consistency and continuity. I really feel we had a competitive advantage with our coaching staff. We were well prepared and they instilled a sense of confidence in the players. It means a lot when guys like Regy and Gary believe in you.
4.) Who was the team’s Unsung Hero? I think we had a number of candidates for unsung hero. The rooks were obviously great, but I look to guys like Brice Queener, Donny Moss, and Steve Waldeck as being "glue" guys that may not get a lot of press, but mean a great deal to our team's success.
5.) What have you been doing to stay fit in the offseason? Preparing for NLL season.
6.) Is lacrosse still a part of your everyday life? Yes, I'm fortunate to have lacrosse as a part of my daily life, coaching at The Hill, working with Reebok Lacrosse, and training for the upcoming NLL season.
7.) What do you want for Christmas? A Bowflex to fit in my living room like Scotty Rogers.
8.) Could 2012 be the year of the Nationals? I certainly think we will be in the mix again.
9.) On a lighter side, if you could be one of your teammates for one day, who would you be and why? I've got calf envy of Jordan Hall. I would be him for a day and walk around in shorts even in dead of winter.

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